Klare Frank

A holistic digital product designer spanning strategy, research, ux, visual design, and front-end development

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Design strategy for cross-functional teams

Over the past 8+ years, I’ve deliberately chosen roles which span between design and development. I enjoy strategizing across all phases of the product design lifecycle and have tackled some tough problems from designing learning experiences to financial tools, all launched for real people.

In addition to designing products and websites, I’ve taught Front-end development at General Assembly and regularly mentor designers looking to add designing in-browser to their skillset. I also speak at conferences and have been featured in interviews and podcasts about design and development.

While working full-time at CodePen, I’m getting my masters in Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington where I’ve been mentoring designers & ux researchers looking to break into the field.

In my free time, I paint abstract acrylic art which have been featured in galleries and on art walks around Seattle. I highly value the balance between work and personal life, and believe having creative projects outside of the digital world brings greater insight to my work.

An acrylic painting with geometric polygons drawn on top.
Foggy woods with lots of pine trees and a running stream.

Selected work

Collage of flight layout element, calendar picker, no red eye and aisle seat large stylized checkboxes, and a large button

University of Washington

Redesigning the flight booking experience

Fly Happy, a flight booking system, allows travelers to search flights by criteria such as available window seats, more legroom, and outlets available at seats. This method allows travelers to exclude uncomfortable or inconvenient flights.

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Collage of scale and certificate icons, table of contributions with elements, and total costs breakdown layout element.


College cost comparison tool

Paying for College is tool to help prospective college students and their families decipher how much a college degree actually costs. The cost comparison worksheet computes the actual cost of the chosen schools by comparing tuition, books, and other expenses, and estimates post-school debt and overall debt burden.

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8+ years of design experience launching products

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The Verge
General Assembly
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

I used to be an extremely stubborn person. Back when I was working on student debt data for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, I got so afraid of crippling student loan debt. Crunching the numbers, it seemed impossible that I would be able to...

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I have a confession: I used the my first outline for this post to write it. I wasn’t feeling inspired or creative enough to just sit down and start writing. Sometimes that happens, but as a designer with deadlines and teammates relying on me to execute...

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I’m always looking to connect with fellow designers and am open to speaking opportunities. Let’s grab a coffee and chat if you’re in Seattle!

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