An April Fools stunt that allows bearded men to unlock their phones with their facial hair. BeardSwipe drove over 70,000 site views, over 70,000 video views, and 5.75 million Twitter impressions. The campaign was featured in VentureBeat, The Huffington Post, and ABC News.

What We Built

We put together a full experience, including a social media campaign, website and app design, and a promo video to ensure the prank was fully believable. Users arrived at a striking single-page website (that purposefully mimicked the style of trendy startup websites) to view the full offering of the BeardSwipe app. The site drove users to a marketing video, featuring many of our bearded and not-so-bearded team members. When users clicked the 'Download The App' button they were taken to the iStrategyLabs website and informed that they had been pranked.

One of the most interesting aspects of our team composition was that work was self-assigned. No one team member was told what they should work on or what process to use in approaching their responsibilities. From kickoff to launch, the entire project was created in a sum of two weeks.

Full website: Beardswipe.me

iOS Design

What I Worked on

I choose to tackle both design and development of the product website. Knowing that it was to be released as an April Fools joke, I wanted the visual design to mock recent trends while still keeping a streamlined user experience that supported the campaign.


Working to get in code as soon as possible, I did a quick mockup of interactions with notes on functionality I needed to tackle straight away in code. I handed these to my copywriter who delved into creating some of the snarky commentary.


Art Direction

We wanted the website to appeal to what we liked to call the 'urban woodsman', a special breed of bearded man who owned both an axe and a fixed gear bicycle. To reflect this, I chose to use the gold iphone in the designs and pulled out some of that gold to use as accents.

I also wanted the visual design to be a nod to startup website design trends common around April 2014, as a slight mockery since the product was actually fake. This is why I choose Brandon Grotesque and Helvetica Neue as my base fonts.


Overlapping CSS tricks

Full comp