Techdegree Landing Page

A marketing page designed to get people to start a trial period for the Techdegree program.

After designing and building the ui experience for Techdegree projects, local exercises, and exams, I switched over to the marketing team to help create the front-facing experience.

For the Techdegree program, we wanted to mature the Treehouse brand and take the visual style from something that was very round and heavy on illustrations to incorporating more diverse photography depicting real people and using more professional-leaning colors.

View the live page: Techdegree home.

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User Flows

Since current students could also sign up for Techdegree, we needed a clear flow that included both them and potential students being directed through the page. Current students could signup using two different routes, through the techdegree page and also through their account settings, but both would end up at the same place. I created this userflow (using templates and icons I also designed) to make that clear.

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This page went through a couple rounds of iterations where we refined copy and removed a few sections to speed up launch time. I decided to included comments for each section while creating wireframes to set the tone of the page and make sure each section had a specific purpose. This included adding two quesitons to each section: 'Who is this for?' and 'What value does this add?'. Each question would help inform how to design for the audience and which strengths to play.

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