About Klare


Klare Frank

Product Design Lead

Over the past decade years, I’ve deliberately chosen roles which span between design and development. I enjoy strategizing across all phases of the product design lifecycle and have tackled some tough problems from designing learning experiences to financial tools to coding editors, all launched for real people.

Guiding Principles

1. Apply a systems-thinking approach

I believe the best way to work is through holistically looking at the data to understand how relationships affect an entire process and patterns of interactions contribute to outcomes.

2. The best teams are cross-functional

Good ideas can come from anywhere; that's why it's best to get the whole team involved, regardless of their job title, to make sure nothing important is left out.

3. Respond pragmatically

Change is a constant, and as projects evolve and teams learn new insights from data, it's best to respond in ways that support real, ship-able, products.